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enlightened MOST RECENT NEWS - Legion (2017)

  • We are looking for more toons for Legion Normal/Heroic Raiding.  With flexible raid sizes, we can handle more people
  • We have a mature group, ave. age is over 35.
  • The core of our raid (10 people) has been together at least since end of BC. Some of us have been friends since Vanilla.
  • We strive to get through heroics but are not hard core.  We do have several very talented players worthy of ANY raiding guild.
  • We're recruiting for any role. Ideally if you play a hybrid class you'd be able to play two roles.
  • No hard fast ilvl requirement but would prefer enough gear for normals. We can help gear you through Mythics and Mythic+ runs.
  • Currently raiding 2-3 nights a week.  Typically Tues and Fri with a Sun Extra/alt run.

Link to our guild page at WowProgress

Look for anyone in the guild online for more info and or discuss an invite. Or add Eclaire (in-game) at Melody#1953 on BNet to discuss more info.

We suck at taking screenshots so here's one we drew in MS Paint to represent our adventures through Nighthold. Yay.

As of 3/18 we are 7/10 in H Nighthold. Obligatory screenshot of the Tich kill where I had to photoshop everyone in. Since we've been playing Sims 4 guild house I subbed in people I had sims for. Oh, but the pandas of course stay pandas. Don't mess with pandas.

As of 3/3/2017 we are 5/10 in H Nighthold. Good job guys!


Heroic Archi is down and on farm mode because our subsequent kills were a one shot! Yay, we beat the game?

Did not have a screenshot of the kill, but here we are in Archi's room as moose (mooses? meese? moosi?)

Been a while since the last update. Here's the screenshot dump of a few key kills on our adventures in H.HFC so far. Archimonde Heroic is left, I doubt we will venture into Mythics without having 20 but we've made some excellent progress the last 2-3 weeks on getting all the second tier bosses down on Heroic!

BONUS! We're now on the first page of Baelgun-US on WoWProgress, at rank #20. Good job guys!

Mannoroth Heroic

Archi (Normal):


Mannoroth (Normal)



This is gonna be a massive one because I haven't posted in a while, so consider it a screenshot dump of our many adventures the past few months.

Imperator Margok (he's just sleeping)


Iron Maidens!


Blast Furnace. We still don't know what happened during that fight.


Our favorite boss, Oregoreger (he's invisible but don't worry he's dead).






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