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One of the remaining corpses from Hans & Franz. Was it Hans or Frans? I don't remember, but I am glad it's dead. We'll remember the 1% wipe right before the kill as the highlight of the night. Good job to everyone who lived and got loot and we'll just blame Deets on behalf everyone that got smushed to death!

Beastlord Darmac! Not much to say about him other than "dispel needs to cost less mana"...

Guild photo of killing this annoying guy! Grats to everyone who got loot.

Some people had to leave early or hearthed right away, so I uh... painted you guys back in. It's not the same without the whole crew after all.

EDIT: It was brough to my attention that Ph* was blocked by a summoning portal. Here's the much betterer version.

EDIT 2: Didn't forget to include Xielan. In our thoughts. Never forget.

Imperator Margok finally dies! The body disappeared so we had to settle for a picture of the throne with me posing as the dead boss. Great job everybody and grats to everyone who got loot!

And of course let us not forget the great times we had through Highmaul, including the infamous Goren Tectus attempt.

Thought it'd be fun to post a guild group photo of us all for our Garrosh kill! Grats to everyone to got loot and heirlooms.

Garrosh Hellscream - July 1, 2014
A shot of us all on the throne.

The dead "body"... or what's left of it.

A bonus shot of the wipe we had just before the kill attempt. So graceful!

enlightened MOST RECENT NEWS - MoP

  • We are looking for more toons for both the end of MoP and WoD.  With flexible raid sizes coming, we can handle more people
  • We are 14/14 in SoO
  • We are a level 25 guild
  • We have a mature group, ave. age is over 35
  • The core of our raid (8 people) has been together for almost 3 years.
  • We usually get to heroics but are not hard core.   We do have several very talented players worthy of ANY raiding guild
  • We're recruiting for any role but we do currently have a surplus of heals.  However, we'd be crazy to turn heals away!
  • No hard fast ilvl requirement but would prefer enough gear for normals
  • Currently raiding 2-3 nights a week.

Link to our guild page at WowProgress

Look for anyone in the guild online for more info and or discuss an invite.

Need to email Ph* or Suds?

Send email to <my_rogue_name>-<at>-<usual-goooogle-email-server>


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