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enlightened MOST RECENT NEWS - MoP

  • We are looking for more toons for both the end of MoP and WoD.  With flexible raid sizes coming, we can handle more people
  • We are 14/14 in SoO
  • We are a level 25 guild
  • We have a mature group, ave. age is over 35
  • The core of our raid (8 people) has been together for almost 3 years.
  • We usually get to heroics but are not hard core.   We do have several very talented players worthy of ANY raiding guild
  • We're recruiting for any role but we do currently have a surplus of heals.  However, we'd be crazy to turn heals away!
  • No hard fast ilvl requirement but would prefer enough gear for normals
  • Currently raiding 2-3 nights a week.

Link to our guild page at WowProgress

Look for anyone in the guild online for more info and or discuss an invite.

Need to email Ph* or Suds?

Send email to <my_rogue_name>-<at>-<usual-goooogle-email-server>

Thought it'd be fun to post a guild group photo of us all for our Garrosh kill! Grats to everyone to got loot and heirlooms.

Garrosh Hellscream - July 1, 2014
A shot of us all on the throne.

The dead "body"... or what's left of it.

A bonus shot of the wipe we had just before the kill attempt. So graceful!

It has been a tough week for us all. We have lost a beloved member of our guild, but in his passing, we should remember even moreso to celebrate his wonderful life. We may have known Rikzo as the loveable and generous warlock of our guild and the undisputed king of farming, but he most definitely left a mark on all of us beyond just the game. We will all miss him dearly.

In addition to taking whatever actions we are capable in Rik's honor and sending our condolences to his family, we have created shirts available to anyone who wishes to purchase one in his memory. The design for this shirt is available through SpreadShirt. Attached below are the URLs to purchase one for those of us who expressed interest:

*Note: Unfortunately the website kept deleting the URL previously, and when I spoke with customer service they asked that I set up a "shop" instead. This means that you can no longer change the apparal type, although you should still be able to change the color and size. Sorry if you wanted the shirt in a different brand of tee. On the plus side, the cost is now reduced. Any proceeds from the store will be donated to the American Red Cross.

They are your standard 100% cotton t-shirt purchaseable in a large array of sizes. Shipping should be a flat fee of $4.50 to the United States and $5.50 to Canada.


BACK (Guild Emblem):

I have already purchased my shirt, and the process seems straightforward. Please contact me (Eclaire) in guild if you have any questions or need any help in ordering or changing the product.

Finally, there have also been discussion of setting up a online "scrapbook" of sorts with screenshots or any other memorable images we each would like to share and compile them somewhere on our guild website. We'll add more details about this project in this space as we discuss further what our final plan will be.

Members of the guild, if you have tried to register but your account was not approved, please try again now. We had to do a purge of many blocked registered accounts because of spam. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Hello Guildmates!

I have recently run comprehensive updates on our website to update modules and fix errors. There have been visual improvements made to forums and avatars, and improvements made to toon selection. Our armory and guild web modules should also now be connecting to the armory correctly.

Some notes:

  • In order to change your active toon, please navigate to My Account on the top right and click on the Edit tab. From there, change your primary avatar.
  • Our guild progression stats are now displayed on the sidebar.
  • Articles on the home page may now display summaries! Click the Read More link on an article to read the full story.
  • Smart item links which display tooltips are possible. Read here to learn how to use them!
  • Registration is now fixed and should be working--sign up again if you still don't have an account.

Please report any problems you see on the website, and submit comments and suggestions. Thanks as always!

Near the end of WOTLK, we proposed that we form a guild of previously existing allied guilds in an attempt to, as best we could, reproduce the atmosphere which existed at the end of WOTLK all wrapped under one guild name. Since Blizzard did not offer an option to create an alliance, we did our best to reproduce this type of entity under one guild name. This offered many benefits including expedited guild leveling via a larger pool of toons contributing to guild leveling.  The guild as it stands now is very stable, there are many long time members (one ten man raid has existed nearly unchanged for over 3 years) but also there are several recent additions to the guild.  We have a very flat guild corporate tree with Phere Raid Leading and Sudsig as GM.  There are no other formal officers, this seems to be the most family like.

The name:  'Die with Music" Russian; It means go out with a bang, go down fighting, make sure your death has meaning.

We might be considered a "moderate raiding guild", more than casual, less than hard core, progression raiding with less attitude. Hardmode/Mythic raiding is our goal. We expect people to be doing research on their toons/specs, gear properly, use current up to date rotations.

We still offer fixed but flexible size raid(s) (raid spots assigned to regular specific toons). We do adjust the number of runs as needed for time challenged guildies and alts.  We often are in the top ten guildwise on the SERVER for raid progression.

Quote from Afax summer 2012 "I have downed more boss in this guild than I did when in a hard-core raiding guild".

Quote from Deadlydee Fall 2014 "Let me just say, I ran what I consider to be a successful raiding guild for a few xpacs/years.  It's not an easy thing to do well.  You have attracted some of the very best people I've encountered in all my year playing MMO's."

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